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At Your Own Service!

Frozen Yogurt Store: At Your Own Service!

Although there is a lot to be said for sitting down in a nice restaurant and ordering a meal and dessert, the novelty soon wears off when you see the meal that gets served. Sometimes, you have to do a double take to see if you really received what you ordered. You get meat with flimsy side dishes or vice versa. But the worst shock comes during dessert.

How often have you ordered a delicious sounding dessert only to find a speck on your plate? The restaurant takes advantage of the fact that the size of the dessert is often not specified. Queue one disappointed and angry customer.

None of this happens at Frozen Yogurt Store. We have a ‘what you see is what you get’ policy. In front of you are dozens of flavors and toppings with the serving sizes clearly marked out. As we charge by ounce, your frozen yogurt consumption is restricted only by your appetite. If you want to challenge the world record for most frozen yogurt eaten in an hour, go right ahead!

At Frozen Yogurt Store, we offer self-service to our customers because we like them to make the most of the huge range of choices we have on offer. Instead of sitting down and looking blindly at a menu, our customers are free to roam around our stores, picking whatever flavors take their fancy.

This self-service policy is one of the reasons why Frozen Yogurt Store has enjoyed such instant success. We did the research and found that customer service orientated businesses had a 25% increase in customer satisfaction once they utilized the power of self-service. Our dedicated team is on hand to aid any customers who have questions about the flavors or anything else related to our frozen yogurt.

Staying Clean

Hygiene is one issue that is always raised when the topic of self-service is discussed. At Frozen Yogurt Store, we understand how important it is for our customers to know that their food is 100% free from contamination. In an unsanitary environment, there would be the possibility that germs and bacteria could spread over the food leading to viruses and illnesses.

We know that this was the single biggest challenge associated with self-service and we responded with an innovative series of dispensers. You can only touch food which our machines dispense. There is no possible way that anyone can handle food inside the dispensers which guarantees a hygiene environment. Our dispensers are seldom used by other organizations. We are proud to be innovators in the hygienic distribution of self-service food.

Instead of waiting to be served, satisfy your taste buds the moment you walk in the door. The flavors at Frozen Yogurt Store await you!



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