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Non Fat Tarts - Frozen Yogurt

At Frozen Yogurt Store, we understand that our customers have different favorites when it comes to flavors which is why we have dozens of choices across our range. However, we also offer a new taste experience in the form of non fat tart frozen yogurt.

Not everyone is looking for a sweet taste from their dessert. We have found that thousands of customers are hoping for a tangy, cutting, fruity taste and in our non fat tart frozen yogurt, they find it.

Our tart yogurt carries a kick that no other dessert can provide. It immediately delights the senses while making sure you dont go overboard. Not that it matters because a serving of this innovative new dessert has less than 0.5g of butter fat and 110 calories or less. Compare this to other indulgent treats which carry almost triple the calories and 20g more fat without satisfying your taste buds half as much.

As well as hitting your taste buds with a punch so sharp that they will crave more, our non fat tart frozen yogurt provides you with up to 10% of your daily requirement of calcium.

Unlike other desserts that are filled with nasty additives, artificial ingredients and extremely high levels of fat, our frozen yogurt range is made from all-natural ingredients with gluten-free options available too. Our desserts seem simple but are loaded with flavor and its a delight to go wild with toppings. Whether you want to get creative and add something on top or simply enjoy one of lifes simple yet healthy pleasures, our frozen yogurt range has something for you.

We have 12 unique non fat tart frozen yogurt flavors for you to choose from below. Check them out and the nutritional information too so you can see for yourself just how healthy our frozen yogurts are.




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