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History of Frozen Yogurt

A Brief History Of Frozen Yogurt

Its kind of irritating to hear frozen yogurt being referred to as a fad. This implies that it’s shiny, new and lacking history. In actual fact, frozen yogurt is more than 40 years old and its popularity is exploding now that the general public know that it is one of the healthiest and most delicious desserts around.

Ancient Asian civilizations were the first to use frozen desserts several thousand years ago. The notorious Roman Emperor Nero was even reported to have enjoyed iced desserts during the 60s AD. Marco Polo brought frozen flavored ices to Europe in the 1200s with the dessert proving remarkably popular. They spread to the Americas once European nations colonized North America.

Enter The Yogurt

By the 19th century, frozen desserts were aided by technological advancements such as freezers which paved the way towards the widespread public consumption of these delectable treats. Ice-cream ruled the market until a new challenger appeared in the form of frozen yogurt in the 1970s. The first incarnation of this new dessert was known as Frogurt. It seemed as if this new dessert would indeed be a fad as it initially struggled to gain a foothold with the shadow of its long-established rival looming ever larger.

Yet an increased emphasis on healthy living in the 1980s ensured that frozen yogurt started to steal some of ice-creams limelight. The public finally realized that the new kid on the block had less fat, sugar and calories than its illustrious rival but had a taste that at least rivaled ice-cream. Even ice-creams versatility was rendered irrelevant as frozen yogurt more than lived up to this challenge, available as it was in hundreds of flavors and toppings and innumerable serving methods.

In the mid 1980s, the frozen yogurt industry was worth approximately $25 million. Less than 10 years later, this figure had skyrocketed to $330 million. Today, the market is worth more than $8 billion per year. Not bad for a fad! With the emphasis on healthy living even more pronounced now than in the 1980s, frozen yogurts importance in the world of frozen desserts is completely secure with its influence starting to grow exponentially.




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